RCI Points ~ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I actually own a Week or do I have Points?

               In some cases you have a specific week at the resort and in other instances the resort assigns you an allotment of Points but you are not assigned a specific week.

  • When can I book an exchange into my home resort?

               As an owner at your resort you can book a unit at your home resort 12-11 months in advance.

  • Do I have to call RCI to go to my home resort?

               Yes. As an RCI Points member your home week is automatically ceded for you and you receive your annual allotment of Points. But if you would like to return to your home week you can book 13-12 months in advance and it's yours!

  • Why does our USe Year not start the 1st of the year?

               Your Use Year starts on the first day of the month following the set-up of your RCI account.

  • Is there a difference in the price of exchange fees for RCI Weeks and RCI Points affiliated Resorts?

               The great news is as an RCI Points member you have access to both RCI Weeks and RCI Points affiliated resorts. However, the exchange fee varies based on the number of nights and whether it is a RCI Weeks or RCI Points affiliated resort.

  • What is the difference between the term expiration and the paid thru date?

              Your term expiration refers to the 3 year period for which you have agreed to cede your inventory to RCI (This is the length of the term). Your paid thru dates refers to the length of time you have currently paod your annual subscribing membership dues.

  • Can my Points be used for hotel/flights?

              The RCI Points Partner program allows RCI Point members to exchange a portion of their Points for discounts on travel products and services, such as hotel stays, airfare, rental cars, and more.

  • Can my Points be used for a cruise vacation?

              Yes. You can exchange your Points towards the purchase of a select cruise.

  • How can I find the resorts with reduced Points (Instant Exchanges)?

             When searching, simply select the "Points Range" search dimension and select 0-10,000 Points. You'll see all vacation options available for less than 10,000 Points, and you can add additional filters to narrow your search further.

  • What is RCI Platinum membership?

            RCI Platinum membership is the highest level of subscribing membership offered by RCI, which provides member with a range of valuable additional benefits, in addition to all the great benefits you receive as an RCI Points subscribing member.

  • What does it mean when a resort is an RCI Gold Crown Resort Property?

          RCI created three RCI Award Designations to recognize those resorts that have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to quality and guest satisfaction, and which have met or exceeded certain standards of excellence.




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