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Barefoot Ownership Flexibility


Barefoot Resort offers owners tremendous flexibility on their deeded vacation time. Many different options are available through the internal exchange program. The following information has been prepared to use as a reference guide for Barefoot Owners. It outlines the policies and guidelines that owners need to follow to maintain fair and equitable usage.


Our hope is to make Barefoot Ownership simple to understand, and easy to use. The following information should answer most questions, but if further clarification is needed, please do not hesitate to call us here at the resort.


Internal Bank / Release Internal Exchange Usage Options (week, split week, upgrades)
Giving Your Unit/Week as A Gift Owner Bonus Time Rates & Discounts Maintenance Fee Policy In-pool Rental Program
Barefoot In-pool Rental Agreement




INTERNAL BANK / RELEASEMinimum 14 Days and Maximum 1 year prior to your deeded weeks start date you may internally Bank and Release your deeded unit/week to the Barefoot Resort Internal Exchange Program.

Your week will then be used to accommodate other owner’s participating in the Barefoot Resort Internal Exchange Program. When you Bank / Release your week, you will have 7 days usage available in the applicable calendar year in the same unit type and season as your deeded week. All Internal Exchange Requests are on a space available basis. The Barefoot Resort can not guarantee that space will be available for any date requested as space is created when a fellow owner Banks / Releases their week to the Internal Exchange Program.


Once an owner has requested to bank / release their deeded week, that specific unit/ week is no longer available to the owner. The Barefoot Resort cannot guarantee that an owner’s deeded week will be available for use if that owner decides they want it back for that specific year as it may already be assigned to another owner.
You do not need to go through RCI to exchange into your home resort. If you bank your week with RCI and exchange it back into Barefoot Resort, you will pay the RCI exchange fee. Keep in mind if using your time here at Barefoot it must be used within the calendar year (January 1st to December 31st). If you give up a week 10 usage in 2013, you must use your 7 usage days in 2013.


Internal Exchange - Week for Week

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If you are requesting an Internal Exchange of a week in the same unit type (studio, 1, 2, 3 bedroom or Cabin) and season (super red, red, white and blue) as your deeded week, you are welcome to make that request at any time within the calendar year, for a $50 Internal Exchange Booking Fee when you make your reservation.


For those of you that own a 2 or 3 bedroom Vista Peak unit which includes a studio lockout, your options are even greater. You may split the units giving you two (2) exchangeable units each subject to the internal exchange booking fee of $50 per reservation when you schedule your alternate usages. The two bedroom you own consists of a one bedroom and an adjourning studio lockout and the three bedroom you own consists of a two bedroom and adjourning studio lockout. You may internally exchange either or both the main unit and/or the studio lockout. PLEASE REMEMBER if you wish to attempt to upgrade, you can only do so 14 days prior to your desired arrival date (see section on unit/season upgrades). With lockout units you can even bank one side with RCI for travel to a different RCI Resort and save the other side to use at Barefoot Resort yourself, in-pool in the rental program or participate in the Internal Exchange program.


If downgrading to a less valuable time, or smaller unit, no upgrade fee will apply and you can call to check availability at any time. You would only have the Internal Exchange Booking Fee of $50 when you make a reservation for your alternate usage.


You can upgrade to a larger unit size or higher season for an additional fee (see Internal Exchange – Unit Upgrades & Season Upgrades).



Internal Exchange - Splitting Your Owner Week

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An owner is not necessarily bound by the week they have purchased. By releasing your week to the resort at least 14 days prior to the start date of your week, you also have the option to split your week. This means an owner could visit Barefoot Resort twice in a year on their owner usage time rather than just once during their deeded owner week. An owner may split their week into a maximum of two segments for an “Internal Exchange Booking Fee” of $50 per segment. This fee is designed to cover any additional costs associated with providing the flexibility option and for additional cleaning resulting from 2 usages. Please keep in mind that we do have minimum stay requirements. For each 7 usage days you can use 2 weekend nights (Friday and Saturday) and 5 week nights (Sunday – Thursday) within the same season your ownership week falls (super red, red, white and blue).


For example, if an owners owns B20 (a one bedroom) week 15 (a blue week in April) and would like to split their time (1- 3 day stay and 1 – 4 day stay OR 1 – 5 day stay and 1 – 2 day stay), they can exchange for another one bedroom unit in a blue week. A $50 Internal Exchange Booking Fee will apply for each Reservation. If you split your week you would have two Internal Exchange Booking Fees of $50 (maximum 2 segments not to exceed 7 days total usage).


Internal Exchange - Unit Upgrades & Season Upgrades

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Upgrades to a larger unit than your deeded week or a more valuable season (super red, red, white and blue) are possible but can only be scheduled fourteen (14) days or less prior to the arrival date. A $50 Upgrade Fee will apply to each season upgrade step, and/or a $50 Upgrade Fee will apply for each unit size upgrade step.


For Example: If upgrading from a one bedroom blue week, into a three bedroom red week, the fees would be $50 for the Internal Exchange Booking Fee, + $100 (2 steps up) for the Size Upgrade Fee (one bedroom size of deeded week) to a three bedroom + $100 (2 steps up) for the Seasons Upgrade Fee (blue season owned) to a red season week, for a total of $250 in Exchange and Upgrade Fees


For Example: If upgrading from a two bedroom red week into a three bedroom super red week, the fees would be - $50 Internal Exchange Booking Fee + $50 unit upgrade fee to go from a 2 bedroom (deeded week type) to a three bedroom + $50 season upgrade fee to go from a red season (deeded week season) to a deep red season = $150


The Barefoot Resort can not guarantee availability to accommodate upgrade unit or season requestsany more than 14 days in advance. The staff can inform you as to the extent of availability but can not make any guarantee that the space will be available two weeks prior to your requested check-in date to meet booking requirements. All upgrade requests are on a "first come, first serve" basis.


If downgrading to a less valuable time, or smaller unit, no upgrade fee will apply. All you would be responsible to pay is the $50 Internal Exchange Booking Fee per reservation (maximum 2 segments per week banked).


Giving Your Unit/Week usage to another as a Gift

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An owner may offer their unit/week to a friend or family member to use for a specific usage year. An owner may even rent out their unit/week themselves. If an owner rents out their unit, it is completely the owner's business and the revenue has nothing to do with Barefoot. Just be aware of the following:


1. The owner must call us and let us know who will be using the usage time.
2. The owner is still responsible for any damages in the unit above normal wear and tear.
3. Your association dues only include 1 cleaning per week. You would be responsible for any additional cleaning charges.

Owner Bonus Time

Owner Bonus Time - Back to the Top


The Barefoot Resort has an owner program called Bonus Time. Bonus Time is offered only to those who are owners at the Barefoot Resort. It is a special nightly discounted rental rate at Barefoot Resort above and beyond the owner’s owned time. Bonus Time rental is not deducted from the owner's deeded week annual usage allocation. Bonus time is also not subject to owner time restrictions, meaning if an owner owns in a blue season they are not restricted to a blue week bonus time reservation. 


The Barefoot has minimum stay policies which are listed on the Rate Chart and they also apply to Bonus Time reservations. Bonus Time can only be booked 14 days or less from the requested arrival date and is based on availability. All reservations must be paid in full upon completion of making a reservation.


An owner may reserve only one (1) Bonus Time unit at a time. Bonus Time may be utilized by an owner’s immediate family members (Parents, or children, minimum 21 years old). At Barefoot Resort all reservations must paid 100% in advance.  If cancelled more than 14 days prior to the reservation start date, all funds will be refunded except one night.  If cancelled 14 day or less from the start date, 100% of the funds will be forfeited.  Bonus Time rates are considerably less than the Barefoot Resort published rates. Current 2013 rates for Bonus Time are as follows: Studio $80 (minimum one night), One- Bedroom $90, Two- Bedrooms $95, Three- Bedrooms $105, (minimum two nights) and the Cabin $125, (minimum three nights), plus 5.5% sales tax. These rates are subject to change. Bonus Time rates are also listed on the website.


Availability for Bonus Time is often limited since it may only be reserved fourteen (14) or less days prior to the date of arrival on a space available basis. An owner can call at any time to check on availability to get a feel for
the likelihood of availability but Bonus Time can only be reserved fourteen (14) days or less prior to the arrival date.


Rates and Discounts

Rates and Discounts - Back to the Top


An owner is always welcome to use Bonus Time but if the owner wants to be guaranteed a unit for a specific date outside of their allocated owner usage, it is recommended that an owner consider making a regular reservation at the published Barefoot Resort nightly rate less a 25% discount per night just because you are an owner. These reservations are subject to the same policies as all other reservations.


Barefoot Resort offers nightly and weekly lodging to Barefoot Resort owners and to the general public. Published rates, available discounts and policies are available by request or can be found on our website


Maintenance Fee Policy

Maintenance Fee Policy - Back to the Top


The Barefoot Resort has grown to over 950 owners. Management must enforce policies to insure fair and equal treatment for all owners.


Maintenance Fee policies are as follows:


1. Before an owner banks their week with RCI, that week's maintenance fee(s) must be paid or prepaid. In other words, if banking a future year's week, the maintenance fee must be prepaid before that year's week may be banked with RCI. Example: If banking a 2012 week(s), the 2012 maintenance fee(s) must be prepaid even if the maintenance fee for 2012 has not yet been processed on your maintenance fee account. If paying a future year’s maintenance fee, use the amount from the past year and if an increase in the maintenance fee occurs, Barefoot will invoice you for the difference. If you are unsure of the amount please call us on the toll-free line, 1-800-424-0225. Thank you for your understanding that this policy must be enforced to protect all owners.


2. Owners can only use their deeded week, internal exchange usage or Bonus Time if Maintenance Fees are current.


3. If Maintenance Fees are more than One (1) year in arrears, the Board of Directors has instructed the Resort Manager to place the associated week(s) in the rental pool. Any revenues will remain with the Barefoot Resort Home Owners Association. 


Each year maintenance fee invoices are sent in mid November for the next calendar year and are due by January 1st. Maintenance fee payments not received by January 1st, will be subject to a late fee of at least $50 for each delinquent week. The Barefoot Resort may also charge interest on the outstanding balance at a rate of 1.5% per month. Upon written request by an owner, the Accounting Department has approved alternate monthly, quarterly or semiannual payment plans for owners who are experiencing temporary financial challenges. If maintenance fees remain unpaid for an extended period, the Barefoot Association may submit the account to a collection agency and/or file a foreclosure action against the delinquent owner and additional fees will be assessed to the delinquent account.


You may make your Maintenance Fee payment, by sending a personal check or money order, or you may also call and pay it over the phone using a credit card. Please be advised, Barefoot Resort does not accept American Express.


In-pool Rental Program


If you are unable to use your week, you might consider putting it into the Barefoot Resort In-Pool Rental Program. Please do not assume that we know you want your week rented, even if you have done so in past years. We must have a signed rental agreement for each week that is going to be in-pooled and a new one for every year. You may call the resort to request an In-pool Rental Agreement, or you may log onto the “Owners Corner” on our website.


For best results: In-pool your time early because condo rentals usually are not rented at the last minute. We suggest you call and check on the status of your In-pooled unit prior to the weeks start date. You may wish to remove the days that are not pre-booked to use yourself. Please remember that in-pooled units/weeks may be rented to another owner at the Owner Bonus Time Rate if still available 14 days or less prior to the weeks check-in date. Ultimately it is the owner's responsibility to check on their week rental status.

You may withdraw your In-Pool Rental Agreement 14 days prior to the check-in date if there are not any reservations scheduled. This would allow you to place the week in the Internal Bank/Release Program and exchange your usage dates.  Reservations can be cancelled at any time prior to the check-in date. Barefoot Resort cannot guarantee a rental client will not cancel their reservation.  At Barefoot Resort all reservations must paid 100% in advance.  If cancelled more than 14 days prior to the reservation start date, all funds will be refunded except one night.  If cancelled 14 day or less from the start date, 100% of the funds will be forfeited.  Owner will receive 65% of the total revenue received.  

Many of the Vista Peak units have adjourning lock-outs which can be rented separately. You may wish to retain one side of the unit and place only one portion of the unit in the In-pool Rental Program. If your base unit and lock-out are placed in the In-pool Rental Program, we retain the right to rent them together or separately.


After the month has ended, In-pool rental disbursements are calculated and checks are processed after the 20th of the month following a reservations check out date.


Sturgis Rally week owners that wish to rent out their time should get their week into the In-pool as soon as possible. The best time to place your Sturgis Rally week in the In-pool Rental Program is a year in advance.






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