RCI Traditional Week Exchange Program, 1-800-228-7777

When calling RCI have your RCI Membership number handy. This number will look similar to this; 3660-_ _ _ _. Know your unit/week, it will appear similar to this example; C12/30.
Annual membership fees can be paid in advance. In order to make future deposits and future exchange request, you must have membership fees paid in advance. RCI will offer a 3, 4 or 5 year discount packages to members in paying in advance.
Annual Resort Maintenance fees must be paid prior to space banking with RCI. Example; if banking a future years week that future years maintenance fee must be paid.
To maximize a weeks full trading power, bank it with RCI at least 12 to 24 months ahead. You will lose some trading power if you bank 9 to 12 months ahead. You will lose a bit more power if banking it 6 to 9 months ahead. You will lose a bit more if banking it 3 to 6 months and you will have lost a lot of trading power if your banking only 2 weeks to 3 months ahead. If less than 14 day before the week occurs it's to late, RCI will not take the week for banking at that late time.
Once you bank your week into your RCI account, it will be good in your account for up to two years. If a week is close to expiration then you may pay a small fee to extend the expiration date. The fee will depend on the length of extension. The RCI Membership number is 1-800-338-7777. By calling first thing in the morning you will have the least wait time.
Once you have decided to use your week you will need to give the RCI Vacation Counselor your resort options or the general area that you wish to travel. Also you will need possible travel dates and the amount of people traveling with you. RCI is based on availability so when you call them, have several options for desired resorts and dates. Flexibility will considerably increase your chances of getting what you want. When giving the RCI Vacation Counselor your request use the resort numbers provided in the RCI Directory.
IF the desired vacation is not available have them put your request on a "search". This means that they will put you on a computerized list that regularly searches the requests against the newest banked weeks. This means when the owner from the resort that you want to travel, banks their week, the RCI computer will pull up your name, a counselor will call you to offer that unit/week. An ongoing search is more beneficial than "shopping" via occasional, phone calls.
RCI charges a fee to search for and then exchange your week. These fees are as follows; a domestic exchange is $149 per week and the international exchange is $189. These rates are subject to change.
If an owner is looking for RCI exchange availability for a specified resort they must call RCI. 1-800-338-7777 "Bonus week Certificates" are not necessarily to be used at the owner's home resort. On the back of the certificate there is a list of suggested areas and times that may be requested. This list is a guideline, so even if the area is not on the list it doesn't hurt to ask RCI if the place of desired travel is available. Keep in mind that the "Bonus Week Certificate" is not a powerful red week exchange. It will trade more like a blue week. When the certificate is used it will not take anytime out of an owners bank. The cost to redeem the Certificate will vary based on the destination. Barefoot will replace an outdated certificate that was given to you at the time of your purchase. We will send you a newer version of a similar certificate. Barefoot will not guarantee the continued supply of certificates from RCI, and they may change without notice. The owner must contact the toll free number on their certificate in order to reserve the "Bonus Week Certificate."
Most Barefoot owners do receive calls from RCI Representatives requesting that the owner must bank their week if they are not going to use their time. A Barefoot owner does not have to bank their week with RCI to come back to Barefoot Resort at a different time. For example, if an owner wants to use a different week at the Barefoot Resort than what they own at the Barefoot Resort they need only do an Internal Exchange (see Internal Exchange Policies or Splitting Weeks Policies). An owner can give their exchange week to a friend or family member. However, you must purchase an RCI Guest Certificate along with the exchange fee. These certificates are available by calling the RCI toll free number.
RCI Instant Exchanges are great. Use this option for last minute travel. Especially for weeks that trading power is low. By making a request to travel within 45 days, all trading power is void and any available week can be traded for any valued week.
There are many more helpful tips available for traditional week exchange members located in the very front of the RCI Resort Directory.


RCI Points

RCI Points Exchange Program 1-877-968-7476

Many Barefoot Owners have asked about the RCI "Points Program", and many have decided to convert their traditional week to points. But, before jumping in to the RCI "Points Program" you'll need to ask yourself some important questions.
            1.  Do you frequently have trouble using a full week of exchange?
            2. Do you rarely use your week at Barefoot, your home resort?
            3. Do you travel more frequently and use shorter stays?

If you've answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you may be better served by the "Points Program".
The RCI "Points Program" offers timeshare owners tremendous flexibility, but flexibility has a price. In some cases it may be more costly to use the points program, but points owners have many more options than just exchanging a week for a week.
To convert a traditional exchange week to points, contact the resort. The cost for conversion will vary, and should you be interested in converting, you will need to consult with a sales associate.
RCI has assigned each unit/week a specific point value. The point values vary according to season and size. The allotted points that have been assigned to an upcoming week will automatically be banked into the RCI Points account each year on the members anniversary date. This means if an owner wants their week at Barefoot and not the points, the owner must call RCI Points prior to the RCI anniversary date and claim the unit/week to stay at Barefoot.
Each year the allotted points will automatically drop into the RCI Points account. The points will accumulate, however, they will expire after two years. If banked points near expiration, a small fee may be paid to extend the expiration date. If you are trying to accumulate a large amount of points for a big vacation, more points may be gained by pulling points from a future year, (as long as the future years Maintenance Fee has been paid). To gain even more points, each year a point's member has the right to purchase up to 50% of the points owned at .02 cents per point.
Accumulated points may be used basically four different ways.
      1. Use points to come to Barefoot Resort and stay as little as one night.
      2. There are approximately 900 RCI Points Resorts that may also be booked to stay as little as one night.
     3. There are approximately 3,000 RCI Resort that remain full week resorts and yes, points may be used  to stay at these resorts as well, but the stay must be for a whole week. A huge benefit of points is if banking a week into any of the full week resorts, 45 days or less prior to the date of arrival, only 9,000 points will be assessed.
     4. The Partnership Program. Points Owners may use their points for stays in hotels, reserve car rentals, take cruises, trade for airline tickets, and even purchase golf passes, Disney Park Hopper Passes, helicopter rides, water slide park passes and much more. With points the owner has overwhelming flexibility.

The inventory that is available to purchase with points is posted on the RCI Points web site. This site is only accessible to point's members with a login and password. The vacation inventory that is available to a points owner changes daily and instantaneous. Point's members may make transactions over the web (www.rci.com) with their points account. Point's members may also call the RCI Points Exchange line to ask questions and make transactions.
The annual membership fees and transaction fees that are paid to trade fund RCI. So, when using points, various transaction fees are charged. Transaction fees range from $26 to $189. For example; one night in a condo is $49, five nights or more is $99. A night in a hotel is $26 to $29; a car rental is $26 to $489. Entertainment including golf and cruises are all $26 to $69. A full week is $149 for a domestic resort and $189 for an international resort. The annual points membership is $99.
BONUS: If an owner owns a non-points week at a non-point RCI Resort and also owns a point's week at Barefoot, the owner may bank the non-point week for an average of points. This is a huge advantage for members that would like to have the best of both worlds. Owners have a full week to exchange when it suits their needs, and may use points to rent cares, hotel rooms, entertainment, and much more.

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