Preferred Merchants

The Gold Card Program is something we do here at Barefoot Resort to promote other business owners for free. All we ask for is a discount of any kind decided by the business owner to the people that possess the Gold Card. There are two different types of people who will have one of these Gold Cards. First one is any guest that takes a tour of our resort will get one for the length of there stay which normally will last one week. The Gold Card would expire on the date they check out of Barefoot Resort. The second crowd that gets the Gold Card is people who own a week here at Barefoot and will permanently have Gold Card access when they come to stay for their week.

Here we provide you with a copy of the contract we use. If you are interested you can either input your information below or print the contract to fill out and mail/email back.

If you have further questions, please fill out the provided contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

Preferred Merchant Program Contract

Gold Cards will be given to Barefoot Timeshare owners and Barefoot Tour attending guests.  These Gold Cards are not credit cards but are valid for a pre-determined discount of the merchant’s choice.  

All merchants that honor the Barefoot Gold Card discounts will be featured in our Preferred Merchant Guide distributed to all Barefoot owners and guests, as well as receive a free link from our website.  The Preferred Merchant Guide will serve as advertising for our participating merchants as a preferred listing of establishments and services for our owners and guests. If supplied, Barefoot Resort will be glad to provide promotional material for participants and may provide possible network-marketing opportunities.

As Preferred Merchants, we agree to the following:

    To offer the following discounts to all Gold Card owners: (please designate discount below)

    This agreement is good for and renewable 1 year upon signing